Saturday, June 30, 2007

Speaking your Love Language with God

Today’s Invitation

Today I send an invitation to you
For I want to say I love you
In the special language I speak
As an expression of the love within me;
Today I want you to come stay with me
In preparation for you, I keep the house clean
By scrubbing, dusting, with the tools you’ve given me
The armour of God is my PPE;
Today we shall dine together on savoury meals
So I set the table with the fruit you’ve given me
Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith
Meekness, temperance, so appealing are they displayed;
Today I want you to spend the night with me
With your sweet words we will build up our intimacy
And when you need to rest please do so within me
For in me you can find rest and peace;
Today I want to be with you
To tell you just how much I love you
To tell you I will never let go of you
For today begins forever with you.

The Inspiration
My good friend and I were to host a visitor for 3 nights. In preparation for his coming, I cleaned the house, purchased fresh food items and looked forward to his arrival. When he finally came in, I was so happy to see him that I took my time to prepare a meal for us all. While I was cooking and setting up the table, my good friend was chatting with him. Then I complained that she had left me to do everything alone. He replied that she was keeping him company and he was enjoying every moment of it.

As I walked back to the kitchen, I felt my act of love was not appreciated. I named myself “Martha” who was too busy worrying about kitchen things and forgetting to spend some time with our guest. The next day, I decided to be “Mary” and we all sat together chatting and laughing. By 11 p.m. that night, we were almost starved and then I had to get back to myself “Martha”.

For a long while the personality of “Martha” haunted me and I felt inadequate. Everything I seemed to hear commended “Mary” and looked down on “Martha”. Until I read the book “Women in the Bible – Examples to Live By” (By Sylvia Charles). Sylvia talked about the relevance of Martha and Mary, and how Martha had demonstrated hospitality towards our Lord Jesus Christ. Come on, that place was like home to HIM. Then I began seeing something good in “Martha”.

I went further to read the book “The Five Love Languages of Children” (By Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell) and I began to understand something about Martha and Mary. They both requited the love of Jesus Christ but were speaking different love languages. Martha wanted to tell HIM she loved HIM with acts of service while Mary wanted to spend quality time with HIM and buy HIM gifts. They both loved HIM. They only said it differently.

While I do not want to remove your mind from the lessons we’ve always known from the story of Martha and Mary (that passionately desiring the Word is needful), I want to say that the way to tell HIM you love HIM is unique to you. You might want to say it with words, you might want to spend all you’ve got for HIS Ministry and all HE is, you might want to serve in the church, you might want to spend time in HIS presence maybe take a walk to a secluded place and communicate with HIM. There is no perfect way of demonstrating your love for HIM. Do it in your special way in faith and with obedience. HE simply commands, “Love the LORD your God, and to serve HIM with all your heart and with all your soul” [Deut 11:13].

Have a blessed day.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Come to Me, Just as You are

Come to Me, Just as you are
Be open, truthful and naked
For I know you and I see beyond you
And I love you just the way you are;
Come to ME, Just as you are
With your fears and feelings of hopelessness
I will give you the Spirit of Faith to overcome
For I love you just the way you are;
Come to ME, just as you are
With your pains, sorrows and broken-heartedness
Oh my Beloved, I will give you joy
For I love you just the way you are;
Come to ME, Just as you are
With your burdens, guilt, sense of defeat
It has not been easy, I am here for you
For I love you just the way you are;
Come to ME, Just as you are
With your smiles, laughter, joy and thanksgiving
Ask according to my Will, it shall be done
For I love you just the way you are;
I have given you hope and a secure future
I have taken away your pains and illnesses
I have given you resilience, victory, peace and bliss
No need to think of yesterday, today or tomorrow;
Come to ME, Just as you are
My Beloved Child, do not be ashamed
I see you as my masterpiece, you are flawless
And I love you just the way you are.

The Inspiration
Often times in the past I have chosen when to come to the presence of God. When I am sure I have lived “right” maybe for a week without consciously sinning, then I am sure that is the right time to be friends with God. Or probably when HE has done something good for me, that’s when I remember to say “Thank You God”. When trials come, most times I remember God out of fear not faith. But whenever I am without God, I feel empty.

There was one fateful day I decided to write HIM a letter to vent my frustrations concerning some things happening around me. Then HE began speaking to me through the words I was writing. HE wanted me to spend time with HIM. We got talking about what spending time with HIM entails (this would be a subject for another day) and in the section for “Manner of spending time with ME”. HE said “Open, Truthful, Just as you are at any point in time…”. God knows us more than we know ourselves, I got to realize, so we should simply trust HIM. HE went on to say, “There is no limit to how open you should be with me. Just come to me just as you are.” I guess at that point HE was reading my mind where I was saying, “Even when I am wallowing in the guilt of a sin freshly committed?” HE continued, “What you should know is that I see you as my masterpiece – flawless, but when you try to hide, when you are not open, I feel you do not want me to see you the way I should…”

After the letter writing, HE gave me the Words which I have put to produce the poem "Come to ME, Just as You are". It is amazing to know you have someone who wants you just the way you are. HE’s not going to say you are my child today because you are good, healthy, good looking and full of smiles. HE is not going to disown you if you go wrong, if you are feeling down or if you feel low of yourself. HIS love is not based on our circumstances. HE is love and that is just the way HE is.

I asked God to teach me something about HIS love and HE made me go on a journey (A mental Jouney)…
I went to see some relatives one day and my youngest cousin stepped out of the bedroom wearing the most revealing clothes, hair I’m sure a mad woman won’t carry, make up brighter than the morning sun (Pardon my descriptions). Then her dad said, “My favourite daughter, how are you doing this morning? Come give daddy a hug!”
After all their display of affection, private talk, she left. And he muttered, “I just love this girl. She is wonderful!”
I could clearly see the love in his eyes as if he had been charmed.
Then I said, “Uncle, don’t you know your daughter is the worst girl on campus? She has slept in almost every room in the boy’s hostel. The prostitutes on the street don’t talk to her because they feel she is worst than them. Her character is nothing to write home about!”
My uncle replied, “I love my daughter so much, just the way she is. I see beyond her physical. Others may see her as the clothes she wears, the hair she has on and the makeup on her face. But I see her as my daughter, a girl with a lot of potentials, a very beautiful daughter she is. I love her. If I do not show her love, where do I expect her to find it? She knows that no matter the situation, whether good or bad, she has a father who loves her for who she is.”
I also noticed that when each of his other sons and daughters came out, he had something loving to say to them. “My special son”, or “My adorable one”, or “My Love after your mother”.

That was when I learnt that GOD loves us for who we are and each and every one of us is special to HIM. (This does not mean you should purposely do wrong or live against HIS will because you know HE is loving and forgiving. As for My Uncle and his daughter, I forgot to tell him that he needs to talk to his daughter about the physical because that is a reflection of what is inside. I was probably overwhelmed by his kind of love).

Take time out today to tell GOD you love HIM and if you want to know more about HIS love, read the Bible.

Remain Blessed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Your Awesome Love - Lyrics for the Song

Your Awesome Love
Come’ from above
Inside my whole
You make your home
Amazing Love
Anew each morn
Keeps me going on
Leaving no void

Your Awesome Love (There is nothing like it)
Come’ from above (Can’t do without it)
Inside my whole (There you inhabit)
You make your home (And show me what love is)
Amazing Love (That’s what I’m feeling)
Anew each morn (That’s why I’m singing)
Keeps me going on (That’s why I’m living)
Leaving no void (That’s why I’m complete)

It comes from Jesus, Jesus, Sweet Jesus
It’s because of Jesus, Jesus, Sweet Jesus

I call your name (You’re right beside me)
I seek your face (You’re right before me)
I face each day (You’re right behind me)
With Your Amazing Grace (You’re all I really need)
And in the dark (I fear no evil)
Light floods my path (Enough for the next inch)
Joy fills my heart (Filled with thanksgiving)
New songs I have (Of fresh testimonies)

It comes from Jesus, Jesus, Sweet Jesus
It’s because of Jesus, Jesus, Sweet Jesus

Your Awesome Love (There is nothing like it)
Come’ from above (Can’t do without it)
Inside my whole (There you inhabit)
You make your home (And show me what love is)
Amazing Love (That’s what I’m feeling)
Anew each morn (That’s why I’m singing)
Keeps me going on (That’s why I’m living)
Leaving no void (That’s why I’m complete)

Your Awesome Love (There is nothing like it)
Come’ from above (Can’t do without it)
Inside my whole (There you inhabit)
You make your home (And show me what love is)
Eternal Love (There is no one like You)
You’re all I want (Cant do without You)
I Love you Lord (None loves me like you do)
Forever more (That’s why love you)

Sing last verse till fade…

The Inspiration
I was on an early morning flight. No book to read, no music to listen to, forgot the words I should be meditating on (don’t blame me too much. I thought I had understood it when I rushed through it that early morning. It had to do with freshness and I remember the bible passage was in Romans. I must have been thinking of other things as usual. So much for understanding). As the plane began to take off, HE said, “I’m taking you to a new level (in your life), higher than you can imagine.” And I replied (imagining that the new level was in the air), “Well, let me get some sleep. Wake me up when we get there!”

As I laid back and closed my eyes, I started humming a tune. I tried to remember which song I was singing but I hadn’t heard it before. I tried putting words to it but all I could sing was “Amazing Love”. HE urged me to write it even if it was two words but I wanted to sleep so I told HIM to leave me to rest. Then HE reminded me that by the time I sleep, wake up, get to work, think about all the things HE won’t have me thinking, I would have forgotten there was a tune not to mention words. Since I feel bad when I forget an inspiration I opened my eyes and started writing in my pocket jotter. And voila! We have the lyrics for “Your Awesome Love”. These lyrics are for the next No 1 Hit.

I have had inspirations for several songs in both my life as a sinner and a believer. If not that I now believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I am what HE says I am, I would have said that I can’t sing. When I told him “Lord, you know I don’t sing, why give me a song?” HE replied, “One of your callings is to write so write what I tell you to write. It does not have to come in the ways you are familiar with.” Then HE reminded me of Moses who stammered and Aaron who assisted him. HE said to me, "Just do what I say you should do. I have given you all it takes to do it. Where I know you will need help, I will send help to you."

Message for YOU Today…
Forget your limitations today and focus on your strengths. HE wants you to use what HE has given you to glorify HIM. Do what HE wants you to do. Do not fear to ask for help where you are not strong. And believe me, when you do what HE says you should do with what HE has given you, HE will help you in those areas where you think you lack.

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome - You are in the right place at the right time!!!

Welcome to the blog of EROLyrics. If you recall words that have “ero” as prefixes, you will know they have something to do with love. Well, goodnews is ERO are my initials, nothing sexually stimulating will be found here (as with most words that have to do with ero), and EROLyrics represents lyrics that are born out of my love for God. All poems, songs, etc are of God and dedicated to HIM.

In this blog, I’m going to share with you some lyrics, what they mean and how the inspirations came about. I pray that by reading through you will be blessed. Please share this with all those you know. You are not here by chance, you are here because God wants you here to know how loving HE is and how great you are because you are made in HIS image.

Let me do some marketing here. I am working with a team of gifted and anointed writers (among other professions) to start a magazine. Please be expectant because once it is out you will be the first to know. There will be no other magazine like it because it is going to be loaded with all you need (not want) for your spirit, soul and body. It is going to be nourishing and will help your form stronger and deeper roots in the Word of God. The first issue will be talking about the Love of God and I want to give an excerpt here.

Hosea 2:14 – 15 (NLT).
14 "But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her out into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.
15 I will return her vineyards to her and transform the Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope. She will give herself to me there, as she did long ago when she was young, when I freed her from her captivity in Egypt.

Take a moment to reread those words and let them speak to you.

Imagine you love someone. So much. And that person hurts you terribly. Unforgivably. But you find yourself forgiving, forgetting, and calling him/her aside to speak nicely, enticingly to the person, loving the person like you’ve never loved before… restoring the relationship and all the person could want…Can you imagine doing that?

Better still imagine being the person that did the hurting. And your loved one forgives you. Forgets everything. Calls you aside. Speaks nice words to you. Reaffirms his/her love for you. You will find yourself helplessly requiting that love (I hope).

God is love and there is no love like HIS. Sadly, people cannot connect with such love and intimacy because they do not know HIM. Just want to say that God’s love is awesome, true and you can have such love as you get to know HIM and accept you are like HIM.

Ok, ok, I said an excerpt so I have to stop here. My purpose here is simply to share my lyrics of HIM (and in some cases, words HE speaks to me). Have a wonderful reading and be blessed. Do watch out for the magazine. If you are interested in becoming a partner, writer or contributor to this, please contact me at God bless you.