Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Money or...

Daniella always had the sweetest gist. She was a lady that knew every family in the university staff campus. How? She plaited females’ hair. Either in her shade or in their homes. She knew everyone in detail.

Speaking of myself, she knew the major milestones in my life. If you want my complete story, go ask her. And you can be sure anything you tell her, she will share with someone.

Daniella knew me from age 11 (we are age mates). Her hand was so soft that everyone always went back to her after she touched their hair. She was so astute that she quickly learnt all styles once they came out. She was flexible. Even if I called her to my house by 8p.m., she was ready to assist. During all our meetings, she filled me in with what was happening on campus (and to ex-campus children).

Yet, she never failed to leave a spirit-lifting word.

I envied Daniella a bit from afar. She was doing something natural to her and was making money. I wondered why I was not making money out of writing.

One day, I voiced out my thoughts.
“Do you know you are blessed? You have a gift, you know it, and you are using it to make money. This is a true case of someone living their purpose on earth. That is what many desire but cannot achieve.”
She laughed a high-pitched laughter that always amused me.
“The purpose of the gift is not to make money,” she started.
“Then why don’t you make my hair for free?”
“Because you’ve never asked me for that,” she said, and laughed again when I asked for free hair do.
Then seriously she said, “The purpose of the gifts God has given me is to let people know more about Him and bring glory to Him. When I make people’s hair, I do not get fulfilled because of the money but when I have passed the good news that God loves us. I also try to share inspiring testimonies with people.”

I nodded knowingly.

“For instance, when you tell me of how you overcame the temptation to dupe a client, and the rewards you got for standing in integrity, I can share it with someone else who may be facing a similar situation.”

I wanted to hear more.

“Many miss their purpose because the focus is getting money. The focus should be on glorifying God. I tell you, I still have my customers not merely because I can plait hair, afterall there are several gifted hair dressers out there. My customers remain because we have a relationship, which God has helped me build with the words He put in my mouth. From them I have receieved money, presents and favor which I may not have if my focus was on money.”

In my privacy, I pondered on her words. Was I slow to exploring my gift because I was not sure how I will get money and remain comfortable? The answer was “Yes”. I am trying to realign my thinking.

Have you found yourself being hesitant about responding to your calling or utilizing your God-given talent because of the fear for income, sustenance or maybe rejection?

As long as you are in line with what God wants you to do, He will surely provide for you. And He will leave you fulfilled in what you do.

If I was to pick a verse that reminds me of Daniella’s words, I’d use: “…whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God…”

Remain Blessed.

Please join me to welcome Funmi to blogville. In her posts, I see the truth of how sometimes we feel at work. She is bold enough to express it. Funmi, welcome oh!

[1] Bible reference 1 Cor 10:31b