Monday, May 10, 2010

The Shortcut

Several years ago...It had been six months since I finished University, awaiting NYSC, so all funds had been cut. After those seemingly long months of waiting on God for a financial breakthrough and it was not forthcoming, I sought to find a solution for myself. One Friday, I called a friend whom I knew was financially okay. I asked for some help. He agreed to give me some money but on the condition that we go out on a date. Sunday evening, I indulged him and he gave me N3000 (equivalent of about $20).

On Monday, I took my N2500 (now short by the transport money), full of excitement that my immediate problems of fixing my hair and my nails will be solved. I had to walk through my department in school, which was near the salon I was going to. To my greatest surprise, I received 2 pieces of information I was not expecting. The secretary in my department said she planned to call me that Monday for she received the information late on Friday.

The first was that a scholarship I had applied for in my second year, which I had lost hope that it will ever come through, had suddenly come through and I would be paid N50,000.

The second was a lecturer needed someone to help a company with a quick study. I accepted it knowing that it would take me only 2 days to do the work. In my mind, I valued the job as a N20,000 job and felt that with enough management, this could last me three more months. On acceptance, I was told that I would be paid N250,000 on completion of the study (of which I had to give a little part of the money with the lecturer that helped me get the job).

As I received those pieces of information, I took a seat, pondered and wept. I said “If only I had waited on God just 2 days, I would have known that He had already answered my prayers”. N3000 (which resulted in me devaluing myself) was nothing compared to what God had in store for me.

I am sharing this story specifically for someone who has been waiting on God for an answer. Now you are at that point where you want to take the “shortcut” – the alternative that seems to solve the immediate problem without considering the future implications. Your Loving Father is telling you to hold on. Do not underestimate what He can do. Do not create your own testimony. You have waited this long, though counting the times that has passed. Believe that God's grace is sufficient to take you further.

When Esau sold his birthright [Genesis 25:29-34], he was thinking of solving the immediate problem - his hunger. He was consumed by his situation that he did not understand what He was giving up.

Beloved, what may be someone else’s miracle may be your shortcut. You know that thing you desire, and hopefully those words of peace that God has spoken to you concerning that which you desire. In my case if only I had waited 2 days, I would have known God had already answered my prayers. He has already answered yours and I do not know how much longer you need to wait to see the physical manifestation of your answered prayer. But do not forget this one thing: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day. The Lord isn’t really being slow about His promise, as some people think [2 Peter 3:8-9]. What He has in store for you is worth the wait, for He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask or think.

Have a blessed week ahead.

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