Tuesday, May 24, 2011

God Is Still Writing Love Stories

This testimony on God coming through for the lady in waiting makes me so mushy as I think on how faithful He is. Read Nneka's testimony on her experience as she waited on our romantic Father for her Boaz...

My testimony was inspired during the last testimony service in 2007 at The Carpenter’s Church (TCC). I recall a truly beautiful testimony service as one by one, the testifiers told us of how God performed one miracle and the other in their lives.
As the service drew to an end, I looked around the auditorium at the faces of God’s people rejoicing with others even when it was obvious that they all had one thing or the other they were also trusting and waiting on God for. I especially noticed the faces of certain sisters – not too many of them, but still very conspicuous. They were faces of faithful single women who truly love the Lord and are committed to His work. These were lovely ladies who have prepared themselves and are ripe and ready for their BOAZ and yet are wondering if he will ever come.
I recognized them so easily and could read their thoughts and prayers because those thoughts and prayers were mine...Read on HERE

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Full Term Journey

As soon as we saw the double red lines, we were filled with joy. Finally God had answered our prayers and I was pregnant. We began making plans. We gave her a name. We prepared her room. We spoke about who she would look like. We talked about her life and made positive declarations concerning her future. She was real to us. Alas some weeks into the end of the 1st trimester, the doctor announced that there was a problem. Our baby did not have a heartbeat. That was how she did not end up being full term...[Read on HERE]

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Name Changer

As Jesus awaited the return of the two disciples sent ahead into Jerusalem to bring a colt, the crowd that followed Him broke into small groups. Some sat down and started some chitchats. A teenager, who joined the crowd after Jesus left Jericho, spoke concerning a familiar face he saw in the group he was in.

“I think I know you from somewhere,” he told the man whose face looked familiar. He paused for a moment as he tried to recall where he could have seen the face. Something came to his mind but he was not sure. “Are you not one of the poor beggars my father and I saw at the side of the road every time we passed Jericho?” Then he stuttered “Are you not blind…”

Read on HERE...