Sunday, December 30, 2012


2012! I don't know how to describe my personal perception of the year so far...Though I lack the words, I think everything I felt was...Intense?
The year kept on calling me to be alert, to stand firm, to reflect, and to be grateful. The truth is, no matter how intense the challenges had been, the hand and presence of God was manifest much more intensely.

I guess that as the year draws to an end, you may start evaluating your plans vs. your achievements. But as you do, please remember 2 things:-
1. There may have been some things which you did not plan for, but they happened, even exceeding your expectations. Please put them in the "balance sheet".
2. The year is not over, not yet. You can still believe for a "last minute miracle" in specific areas of your life.

God is not bounded by time, and He can do His thing even when we think it is too late. The last minute miracle may be the physical manifestation of what you have been waiting on Him for, or just a Word from God that leaves you in faith, peace and encouraged.
2012 is not over until it's over. It will only usher in 2013, which comes filled with promises.
As the seconds tick by and we move on by God's grace, let us not be so consumed by our desires that we forget how good and how faithful God has been. We must have felt His hand in our lives or in the lives of those around us. May He crown the year with His goodness. May we align our hearts with His, that we may walk in His perfect will.
Thanks be to God... Words are not enough to describe how beautiful and awesome He is, but still I know He is...
The Way Maker
The Door Opener
The One who gives second chances
The One who works behind the scenes
The Doctor who has never lost a case
The Miracle Worker
The One who gives Beauty for Ashes
The Story Changer
The One who is always on time - never late
The One whose timing is impeccable
The One who customizes blessings
The One who gives testimonies
The One with whom nothing is impossible
The One who gives peace that passes all understanding
The One who hears and answers prayers
The One who forgives and makes whole
The One who saves
The Restorer
The Healer
The Comforter
The All-Encompassing, Self-Sufficient One
The One whose plans are will are only good for us
The One who gives strenght
The One who gives wisdom
The One who gives victory
The Lawyer, Jury, Advocate and Judge in the courtroom
The Orderer and Director of our paths and steps
The Loving, Gracious, Faithful Father.
Did you experience any of these facets of God this year?
May 2012 leave you with a feeling of peace. May 2013 bring you and your loved ones peace, joy, fulfillment, and the manifestation of your heart's desires.
God bless.

Monday, November 26, 2012

When Shoes Don’t Fit

There are certain situations I have passed through where I found myself asking questions like “God, why me?” and “God, why did you let this happen?” The most frustrating part was I did not need to look far to see someone who had what I desired, making me feel that God was being unfair to me. Quite recently I have learnt to stop wallowing in self-pity after I had the experience with shoes.
My 20-month old daughter loves shoes. Of interest to her are my shoes, or anything with heels. One day, my daughter wore my shoes and tried to walk. It was not an easy journey for her. She could not walk at her normal pace, nor could she do the things she would ordinarily have done with her shoes on. My shoes appeared more appealing, and indeed they were very comfortable for me, but when she wore them, it was so clear that it was not meant for her.
Then it dawned on me.
Many a times, we may find ourselves in a situation where we lament and complain, and wish our situation was like someone else’s. Not knowing that if, perhaps, we find ourselves in the true picture of what they are going through, we may not be able to cope.
You may think your situation is the worst until you actually know what the “other” person is going through. But really, you don’t need to know.
This post is just a call to gratitude. To say “Thank You” to God, who in His grace, mercy, and sovereignty, has allowed you to be in the shoes you are in. Maybe it could have been worse. Maybe you would have struggled if you were in the shoes of that person whose shoes you wish to be in. With God, no situation is hopeless. With Him, things can only get better.
Thanks be to God who will not give us more than we can bear, who is always with us, and knows how to make every situation work together for our good. He is faithful and more than able to turn around anyone’s “captivity”. The when and how all depends on Him. That is why we need to trust and have faith in Him.
Have a blessed and fruitful week ahead. It is well with you and yours.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

On A Path To Healing

It has been a while since I came here, that I almost forgot what to do with blogger. I am currently picking myself up from the floor of spiritual emptiness and emotional pain. And I am on a path to "healing", some details I will share below.

Let me start with a story.
The work day was over so I set my laptop to hibernate. The moment I had clicked on that option, I shut the laptop and put it in my laptop bag. My colleague asked why I did that.
"Why didn't you wait for the laptop to hibernate completely before putting it in your bag?" she asked.
This was a long time habit which I had started when I was always "rushing" to meet Mr. Rita at the end of a work day. But from experience, the laptop always hibernated after I had sent the command.
"There was no need to wait," I replied, "once the command has been sent, the laptop has to respond. It has always hibernated."
As I carried my laptop and walked away, I realized that so is the word that comes from the Lord. When He speaks, He does not have to worry about whether or not it will happen as He has spoken. Once He sends it out, it always produces results. It always accomplishes what He wants to do. Not only that, it always prospers everywhere He sends it to.
Yes, whatever it is God has spoken concerning you, rest assured that it will come to pass. His word always produces results and all the time, the results exceeds our expectations. So to anyone who is still holding on to a promise of God, do not grow weary. As He has spoken so shall it be. In Jesus Name, Amen.

On the personal side, I am trying to recover emotionally from two consecutive pregnancy losses. It has been a very painful period (I did not know I would hurt emotionally so much, even after knowing how awesome my God is). Family, writing, work and personal projects were affected in different degrees. I tried to distance myself from God, because I kept asking myself why He allowed me go through such emotional pain. But understanding that God is ever-loving and ever-faithful, I cannot run from Him nor can I give room to think He does not have my best interest at heart. I know, that as always, I will still have testimonies.

So while I am trying to find myself back on the path to spiritual and emotional healing, I just list a few things I am thankful for:-
1. For life:- I know there is still hope, and I still have an opportunity to fulfill my God-given dreams.
2. For Family:- The amazing love and support of Mr. Rita all through this, and the sensitivity of my 19 month old princess, have been sources of strenght for me. 
3. For Family (again): - My mom and my sisters have been very encouraging. My mom has not failed to share encouraging words with me on a weekly basis.
4. For friends:- I have amazing prayer partners, and amazing friends who make it feel as though I am sharing the "burden" with so many people that I have nothing to carry.
5. For favor and grace:- I have seen grace and favor in different areas of my life. These are gentle reminders that God is still there even if I was still wondering. I cannot list all of these instances.

Wishing you a blessed weekend. Thanks to all of you who checked up on me. God remains faithful.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Just wanted to post an update on the book reading that took place at Patabah Books, Surulere, 25th of August. I should have uploaded a video but I have none :-( Pictures will come later :-)
It was my first book reading so I did not know what to expect. What thrilled me was the turnout of teenagers - who are actually the target audience of Against The Perfect Will. I read from 3 parts of the book after getting suggestions from trusted friends, and I actually enjoyed reading those parts. For more information on how to purchase the book, please visit HERE.
The questions I was asked ranged from how my personal life is related to the story, to my vision for writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A sessions, especially with the teenagers.
I am very thankful for such opportunity and I look forward to doing more of this, as time permits.
Meanwhile, I have come to a personal conclusion that non-fiction is not as easy to write as fiction. I can't wait to finish the book I am working on to get back to fiction. My fiction babies are begging to be born.
It may be a while before I update this blog, especially as I round up a couple of projects. For now, I will leave you with this message which I culled from Laugh & Lift for September 2, 2012.
Tangled Hair (Author Unknown)
(Based on a story told by Beth Moore, Houston, TX)

Beth was sitting at an airport terminal, waiting to board a plane. She was sitting there with several other people who were also waiting, whom she did not know. As she waited, she pulled out her Bible and started reading. All of a sudden she felt as if the people sitting there around her, were looking at her.
She looked up, but realized that they were looking just over her head, in the direction right behind her. She turned around to see what everyone was looking at, and when she did, she saw a stewardess pushing a wheelchair, with the ugliest old man sitting in it, that she had ever seen before. She said he had this long white hair that was all tangled and such a mess. His face was really, really wrinkled, and he didn't look friendly at all. She said she didn't know why, but she felt drawn to the man, and thought at first that God wanted her to witness to him. In her mind she said she was thinking, "Oh, God, please, not now, not here."
No matter what she did, she couldn't get the man off of her mind, and all of a sudden she knew what God wanted her to do. She was supposed to brush this old man's hair. She went and knelt down in front of the old man, and said "Sir may I have the honor of brushing your hair for you?" He said "What?" She thought, "Oh great, he's hard of hearing." Again, a little louder, she said, "Sir, may I have the honor of brushing your hair for you?" He answered, "If you are going to talk to me, you are going to have to speak up, I am practically deaf." So this time, she was almost yelling, "Sir may I please have the honor of brushing your hair for you?" Everyone was watching to see what his response would be. The old man just looked at her confused, and said "Well, I guess if you really want to." She said, "I don't even have a brush, but I thought I would ask anyway." He said, "Look in the bag hanging on the back of my chair, there is a brush in there." So she got the brush out and started brushing his hair. (She has a little girl with long hair, so she has had lots of practice getting tangles out, and knew how to be gentle with him.) She worked for a long time, until every last tangle was out.
Just as she was finishing up, she heard the old man crying, and she went and put her hands on his knees, kneeling in front of him again looking directly into his eyes, and said "Sir, do you know Jesus?" He answered, "Yes, of course I know Jesus. You see, my bride told me she couldn't marry me unless I knew Jesus, so I learned all about Jesus, and asked Him to come into my heart many years ago, before I married my bride." He continued, "You know, I am on my way home to go and see my wife. I have been in the hospital for a long time, and had to have a special surgery in this town far from my home. My wife couldn't come with me, because she is so frail herself." He said, "I was so worried about how terrible my hair looked, and I didn't want her to see me looking so awful, but I couldn't brush my hair, all by myself." Tears were rolling down his cheeks, as he thanked Beth for brushing his hair. He thanked her over and over again.
She was crying, people all around witnessing this were crying, and as they were all boarding the plane, the stewardess, who was also crying, stopped her, and asked, "Why did you do that?" And right there was the opportunity, the door that had been opened to share with someone else, the love of God. We don't always understand God's ways, but be ready, He may use us to meet the need of someone else, like He met the need of this old man, and in that moment, also calling out to a lost soul who needed to know about His love.

Remain Blessed.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Like When A Baby Cries

While the ladies awaited the call of their babies for immunization, the babies and the nannies were at the nursery in the clinic. Most of the mothers were lost in endless chatter until the shrill cry of a baby rang in the room. For a split second, the mothers were quiet. Then one of them jumped up, left all she was doing and ran towards the nursery. Once she picked up her baby, the ladies resumed their discussions. And yes, that's all it takes – just the cry of a baby, and the mother responds displaying her love, her compassion, tenderness, and providing the appropriate solution in response to that cry.
To the ordinary ear, all babies cry alike. But to the “trained” ear, the ear of a mother, every baby’s cry is distinct. Not only does the mother differentiate between her baby’s cry from another’s, she can also differentiate what each cry represents.
If mothers are so apt in identifying the cry of their babies, how much more does God hear, understand and respond to the cry of His children? Do you think He doesn’t see your tears (both the ones shed and the ones you could not shed)? He is a Father who loves you deeply and unconditionally. He is the one who hears your voice and your cries [Psalm 116:1]. He does respond quickly - even though it may seem like a long time to you. He works out His best for you according to His sovereign plan and impeccable timing. His work is accomplished even when it does not seem like anything happening.
I remember crying to God to make my relationship with a widower work out. Looking back, I am glad that though He heard my cry, He did not give me what I requested for in my limited sight. So though it seems that He has not responded to your cry as you desire, it may just be because He has a better plan for you.
Thanks be to God, a Father who keeps track of all your sorrows. He has collected all your tears in His bottle. None of them have fallen to the ground to be forgotten. He has recorded each one in His book that they may be brought to His remembrance at the appropriate time [Psalms 56:8].
Beloved, all the tears that you shed "are" remembered by God. If "properly" shed - shed in sorrow, in grief, or in pain, without murmuring or complaining, they will be remembered for your good. And yes, that's all it takes – just your sincere cry, whether voiced out or in your heart, your loving Father will respond, displaying His love, and providing the appropriate solution in response to that cry.
Remain Blessed.

NB: I will be reading and signing "Against The Perfect Will" on Saturday, 25th of August. Details are as follows:-
Details of the reading are:

Date: Saturday, August 25 2012
Time: 3 – 5 PM
Venue: Patabah Books, Adeniran Ogunsanya (Shoprite) Shopping Mall (Ground Floor), Surulere, Lagos.

I look forward to seeing you there. Please share this invitation with book-loving friends and family. If you already have a book and would like it to be signed, this will be a great opportunity.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Bigger Miracle

His daughter’s illness had persisted and it seemed there was no cure. The physicians said there was no hope, and that in a few hours, she will be gone. But he was not ready to give up on his only beloved daughter. If there was anything else that could save her life, he was ready to try it.
Then he remembered the Man of God, the man who did miraculous things, including healing the sick. Perhaps he could ask the Man of God to heal his daughter. Putting aside any ego, he set off to find the Man of God. As he left his home, all he hoped for was to meet the Man of God on time.
He finally found the man of God, in the midst of an almost suffocating crowd. He reached to the man of God, fell at his feet and begged Him to come to his house. To this the Man of God agreed. Yet, His journey was delayed because He had to address a woman who declared that she was instantly cured the moment she touched Him. His heart was full of joy that indeed this Man of God was powerful. He thought that if a woman could be healed by simply touching Him, how much more will his daughter be healed when the Man of God touches her?
He was still in his train of thoughts when a man from his house came and said to him, “Your daughter is dead; do not worry the man of God!”
Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you were almost sure you had the solution? Your GPA was at its all-time high. You were almost sure you had met ‘the one’. You were called to the final stage of the interview. The treatment has yielded the right quality of eggs and sperm for the first time. And then, you face the greatest disappointment. An ‘F’ follows the all-time high GPA. ‘The One’ leaves you for someone else. The recruiter tells you they could only make space for one person, and that was not you. The right quality of eggs and sperm did not result in the babies. Then you wonder, “Is there still need to trust God?”
He asked himself, “Is it not over? Is there still need to trust this Man of God? Let me go home and mourn with my wife!”
But the Man of God answered him, “do not be seized with alarm or struck with fear; simply believe in Me as able to do this, and she shall be made well…”
And as the story goes, the girl was raised from the dead. What a miracle! No, he was not expecting this.
I do not know where you are in the miracle you have been waiting for, but this story I have shared is to resound the words of Jesus, “Simply believe in Me as able to do this!” The situation may have got to the point where it seems there is no more hope. You may have tried all you felt you could, and thought this time around the challenge will be over, only to be faced with a more daunting challenge. I just want to assure you that God is about to do a bigger miracle. He is about to do a miracle that exceeds your imagination and expectation. It is not over. God is not done with you. If there is any shred of faith left in you, trust Him.
I know it is not easy to overcome the disappointment or the overwhelming uncertainties. But you are just a step away from 'the bigger miracle'. May God give you the grace and strength to trust and wait on Him.
Remain blessed.
[Bible story culled from Luke 8: 40-56, AMP].

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Pine Wood Derby

I read this story this morning, and it touched a special place in my heart. I just decided to share here...

My son Gilbert was eight years old and had been in Cub Scouts only a short time. During one of his meetings he was handed a sheet of paper, a block of wood and four tires and told to return home and give all to "dad."

That was not an easy task for Gilbert to do. See, I'm the only one really raising Gilbert. His dad was not receptive to doing things with his son. But Gilbert tried. Dad read the paper and scoffed at the idea of making a pine wood derby car with his young, eager son. The block of wood remained untouched as the weeks passed.

Finally, I stepped in to see if I could figure this all out. The project began. Having no carpentry skills, I decided it would be best if I simply read the directions and let Gilbert do the work. And he did. I read aloud the measurements and the rules of what we could and couldn't do.

Within days his block of wood was turning into a pinewood derby car. A little lopsided, but looking great (at least through my eyes).

Gilbert had not seen any of the other kids cars and was feeling pretty proud of his "Blue Lightning," the pride that comes with knowing you did something on your own.

Then the big night came. With his blue pinewood derby in his hand and pride in his heart we headed to the big race. Once there my little one's pride turned to humility. Gilbert's car was obviously the only car made entirely on his own. All the other cars were a father-son partnership, with cool paint jobs and sleek body styles made for speed. A few of the boys giggled as they looked at Gilbert's, lopsided, wobbly, unattractive vehicle. To add to the humility Gilbert was the only boy without a man at his side. A couple of the boys who were from single parent homes at least had an uncle or grandfather by their side. Gilbert had "mom."

As the race began it was done in elimination fashion. You kept racing as long as you were the winner. One by one the cars raced down the finely sanded ramp. Finally it was between Gilbert and the sleekest, fastest looking car there. As the last race was about to begin, my wide-eyed, shy eight year old ask if they could stop the race for a minute, because he wanted to pray.

The race stopped. Gilbert hit his knees clutching his funny looking block of wood between his hands. With a wrinkled brow he set to converse with his Father. He prayed in earnest for a very long minute and a half. Then he stood, smile on his face and announced, "Okay, I am ready."

As the crowd cheered, a boy named Tommy stood with his father as their car sped down the ramp. Gilbert stood with his Father within his heart and watched his block of wood wobble down the ramp with surprisingly great speed and rushed over the finish line a fraction of a second before Tommy's car.
Gilbert leaped into the air with a loud "Thank you" as the crowd roared in approval. The Scout Master came up to Gilbert with microphone in hand and asked the obvious question, "So you prayed to win, huh, Gilbert?"

To which my young son answered, "Oh, no sir. That wouldn't be fair to ask God to help you beat someone else. I just asked Him to make it so I don't cry when I lose."

Children seem to have a wisdom far beyond us. Gilbert didn't ask God to win the race. He didn't ask God to fix the outcome. Gilbert asked God to give him strength in the outcome. When Gilbert first saw the other cars, he didn't cry out to God, "No fair, they had a father's help." No, he went to his Father for strength.

Perhaps we spend too much of our prayer time asking God to rig the race, to make us number one, or too much time asking God to remove us from the struggle, when we should be seeking God's strength to get through the struggle.

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13
Gilbert's simple prayer spoke volumes to those present that night. He never doubted that God would indeed answer his request. He didn't pray to win, thus hurt someone else, he prayed that God supply the grace to lose with dignity.

Gilbert, by his stopping the race to speak to his Father also showed the crowd that he wasn't there without a "dad," but his Father was most definitely there with him. Yes, Gilbert walked away a winner that night, with his Father at his side.
(Taken from Laugh and Lift for July 23, 2012. For more Christian Inspirational articles and clean humor, visit Laugh & Lift at

Remain Blessed.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chocolate-Smeared Baby

She walked through the door and stared at me for a moment. Her beautiful, brown eyes shone with excitement as she realized I was the one standing in the room. Her heart-melting smile revealed her six beautiful teeth. Her arms were outstretched, awaiting me to carry her and sweep her off her feet. She was running towards me as she always does when she sees me after I have been away from work.

But for a moment, I was hesitant. I did not immediately run to her. There I was dressed in my favourite white shirt, and she was running to me with hands and mouth smeared with chocolate and all what not. In the split moment of my hesitancy, I said, "this is the end of this white shirt, but it is nothing compared to my daughter." Then I walked towards her, lifted her up and gave her a peck. It was one of those moments when I had to remind myself that God has been more than good to me.

As I reflected on this incident, I recalled the words of Jesus, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." [Matthew 19:14 NASB] God does not expect us, as we come into His presence, to have worked hard to become free of sin and be perfect. He is such a loving father who receives us with open arms when we come to Him. My daughter was not self-conscious, no, she did not even know she was covered in chocolate, nor she did not know what the smears could do to my white shirt. In the same vein, our gracious God wants us to come boldly into His throne of grace, just as we are, for there we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. 

Understand that your heavenly Father loves you unconditionally. Nothing can separate you from this love He has for you. If we know how to love and give good gifts to our children, then I believe our heavenly Father, who is love, can do much more than we can ask or think.

And so as I make my requests known to Him, I am no longer coming into His throne of grace with sin-consciousness. I know He loves me. I know His arms are always opened wide to receive me. I know that when He looks at me He sees me as the apple of His eye, His righteousness in Christ Jesus, and not one smeared with sin. I am coming to Him just as I am, this time naked and not ashamed.

What about you?

Remain blessed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Animated Excerpt of Against The Perfect Will

I prepared this animation of a short excerpt from "Against The Perfect Will" for my book launch, but that day it worked only half-way! Anyway, I decided to share it here for those who were unable to make the book launch.

(Video embedded below; also available on YouTube)

I have received a couple of feedback about the story. I will appreciate if you can share yours on HERE. However, if you are unable to do so but wish to leave a comment about the book, please feel free to do so as a comment on this page dedicated to "Against The Perfect Will" HERE.

For those interested in having a copy of the book, please see HERE for details on how to get the book.

Remain blessed.
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Broken For Action

I had to prepare the African Salad on short notice as there was nothing else to offer my visitors. All the other ingredients were ready on time except one – the potash alum. Without it dissolved in water, I would not be able to get my oil and water to mix. In my state of despair, I tried to think of a quick way to get the potash alum dissolve in the water. Then I remembered my chemistry class – a larger surface area speeds up a chemical reaction. I quickly broke the potash alum into smaller pieces. In no time it dissolved in the water, and my meal was ready right on time.
My experience with the potash alum made me realize that the state of being broken can facilitate certain “reactions”. It is no wonder that the Psalmist says of God in Psalm 51:16-17 (NLT), “You do not desire a sacrifice, or I would offer one. You do not want a burnt offering. The sacrifice You desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.”
There is no doubt that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted. Though sometimes His presence may not be felt, He is so close to those in grief, pain and sorrow. But there is a different kind of brokenness referred to in the scripture above. It is a heart so broken it looks to Him completely. It is a heart that appreciates His grace and sovereignty. It is a heart that is shattered, has surrendered and reached the point to say, “Lord, I am and I have nothing without you!”
Search your heart today. Is it broken? Is it devoid of the pride that says “my prayers, my service to God and my righteousness has kept me and brought me this far”? Is it free of bitterness towards God for apparently unanswered prayers? Is it saying, “God I’ve got this one, I will only bring the complicated issues to you”? Is it a heart looking towards a man, a connection, or a method to solve a challenge rather than looking to God? Or it is a heart that is crying for divine help, begging for His touch and desiring complete healing or restoration?
God prefers to use “broken vessels” for His service. He performs most of His deepest works on us when we are in a state of brokenness. Sometimes, some delays to prayers could be God waiting for us to get to a state of brokenness. Though He should not be a last resort, it is true that when we get to the point of realizing that we cannot do it on our own, then He shows up.
His eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him. When He searches, may He find your heart in a state ready to receive Him.
Have a blessed week ahead.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Atilola's Antonyms Of A Mirage - Short Review By Adetola A

I have been blessed to know these 2 beautiful, great women. The Reviewee and The Reviewer.

Let me start with Atilola (also known as @ilola :-) )
Have you got your own copy of "Antonyms Of A Mirage"? Once you turn the leaves of the book, you will want to meet @ilola.
Anyway, I met @ilola for the first time during my book launch. Despite the heavy rain that day and the location of the event, she made it quite early (even before the MC, lol). She has a vibrant personality and is very easy to talk to. What I am amazed about is her is the depth of her creativity, her focus and decisiveness. To me, she knows what she wants, and she does not joke with what she plans to achieve. She inspires and impresses me. Indeed I am glad I know her.

I would have loved to review @ilola's book, but from my experience, you do not send a carpenter to do a plumber's job. So I asked a friend to do a short review.

How it all began with Adetola.
I needed a neutral person to check the final quality of "Against The Perfect Will" just before I give the publishers the go ahead to publish. I called on Adetola who was a corper in my organization. I only expected her to dot the i's and cross the t's. But when she was done with the quality check, it was 4 pages of things I had to change in my book. I thought she was an English Studies graduate. No, she is just a talented Engineer who could make a great book reviewer and critique someday.

Adetola's review of Antonyms Of A Mirage
“Antonyms of a mirage” is a glimpse into the cultural and religious experiences that color the “Nigerian” reality. From corruption and “Nigerian Christianity”, to relationships and life lessons, the simple language and realistic scenarios painted by an eclectic fusion of poetry and prose come together in a comical and somewhat melancholic way, that leaves you subconsciously reflecting and acknowledging the “real” reality that every Nigerian knows, few bother to speak of and fewer still, will actually listen to. A courageous and insightful effort by Atilola showing depth of character and substance.
Her favourite
I read “Prayers of Mediocrity” and was amazed at how the praying woman was so fervent and sincere in all her ridiculousness and wishful thinking. Then I thought to myself “I’m not that lost in prayer fantasy land…or am I?” Many a Christian has used prayers and miracle conjuring as an excuse not to use God given common sense, aptly and beautifully captured by this write up. Guaranteed to set off one or two alarm bells that will surely get you thinking, and jolt you back to reality. As an afterthought, perhaps listen to the prayers of the woman sitting next to you in church on Sunday!!

Please tell me after reading this review, do you think Adetola should pursue a career (by the side) on book reviewing? :-)

Remain blessed.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Remember The Past Miracles

Do you still not understand? Don't you remember the five loaves for the five thousand, and how many basketfuls you gathered?

The disciples of Jesus Christ had forgotten to bring bread with them on their journey. Jesus Christ started a discussion with them concerning bread. Though He was speaking of spiritual things, they misunderstood Him to be referring to bread for food. Jesus, being aware that they were discussing among themselves that they had no bread, expressed His surprise that they had forgotten the miracles that had happened in recent past. He expected that they would not bother about the fact that they had no bread with them, for they had Him who could provide bread for them.

There are certain situations that could be going on in your life or around you that leave you in doubt and with uncertainty. You may be concerned so much with present cares that you do not remember how God had miraculously or divinely stepped in on your behalf. Today your Loving Father says to you, "Have you forgotten those repeated instances of mercy and miracles?" If God has done it before, for you or for others, He is more than able to do miracles for you today. Take out time to remember and meditate on the past miracles and His supernatural provisions. Boost your faith once again for the things you are believing God for.

Prayer: My Loving Father, forgive me for forgetting those miracles and supernatural things You have done in my life. Forgive me for times I have not been thankful for the great things You have done for me. You alone are God, the same yesterday, today and forever more. You who has done great things for me in the past is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I ask or ever think, according to the power that works in me. I pray, Father, that as I think on the past miracles and meditate on Your word, that my faith will grow to release the power that works in me. May my trust and expectation be on You alone. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Testify Of God - He Has The Heart Of Kings In His Hand

I and this beautiful blogger, who is sharing her testimony today, started interacting when she was believing God for a job. How she finally got a job proved to me that God is more than a miracle-working God. Her testimony gave me faith to trust God during my pregnancy (for I was scared I would have a miscarriage like in the past).

Some time afterwards, she faced a certain challenge in her life, which is why we have this testimony today. I had lost hope that she will ever come out of this challenge. But we kept praying. I prayed simply because the bible says we should pray without ceasing but deep down in my heart, I wondered how God would do it.

As I prepared to post this testimony this morning, I recalled that about a year before her breakthrough, God has revealed that she would have this breakthrough. We were so caught up in the challenge that we completely forgot that God had seen the end, even showed us the end, and was going to remain faithful to His promise. If only we can really trust in Him! Anyway, this blogger was always positive when I spoke to her, and today she is sharing her testimony. For the purpose of this post, she will remain anonymous.

I Testify of God - He Has The Heart of Kings In His Hand
God's greatness in my life has been an eye opener for me. My story is a common one but my Jehovah turned my testimony to an uncommon one.
I met Ogbe when I wasn't looking to go in to a relationship. So when he started talking marriage I was shocked because he came to meet with my aunt with whom I was staying with to inform her.
Then, I had begun to develop feelings for him and it continued to grow and it never for once occurred to me that there was any other way.
Earlier, I had made a vow to God to abstain from sex till I get married and when I met Ogbe and after we started dating, it became increasingly difficult to keep my vow to God. I finally rationalised that since we were getting married, there was no harm in indulging and giving in to his demands for sex. I gave in, then I got pregnant.
I was happy when I found out I was pregnant and rushed to give Ogbe the 'good news'. When I gave him the test results, he just studied it and said nothing. He said nothing for two days until I had to ask him. He simply said to give him time to think about it.Well, I gave him as much time as he needed because,I felt he just had to get himself together for us to start planning our marriage.
I was dead wrong.
He said he couldn't father a child at the moment.That the fact that we discussed marriage didn't mean I should go get pregnant. It was like a film trick to me because nothing prepared me for what I was hearing and I just couldn't handle it. He then said I should get rid of the pregnancy that we would have more babies when we were ready. I refused and he abandoned me to my fate.

I was thinking time will make him change, but he instead became stoic in his resolve.So resolute was he that when he went back to the UK, he stopped taking my calls till as he said, I get back to my senses. I thought hard, but I couldn't see any solution to the dilemma I was in. I wondered at how I allowed myself to be in this situation. Remember that I had not even informed my parents or even my aunty.
I started looking for ways to leave my aunty's house and the opportunity presented itself. I had to move to another town for a job and I jumped at the opportunity; to say the truth I had not started thinking ahead as to whether I would keep the pregnancy but I just felt this inner conviction that I must see this pregnancy through.

Three months went by and still no change from Ogbe and my parents who I went to pay a visit began to notice a change in me.  Then I had to move to my place. I then informed my aunty and then later my mum, who then told my dad. As I tell it, it sounds so simple but it sure wasn't then. That was when  my ordeal started cause the more efforts were made to contact Ogbe, the more it was looking impossible.

I had resigned myself to fate when my aunty called me at about 6am in May 9th, 2011 that Ogbe had come with his people saying he wanted to come and meet my family formally. I was shocked but relieved. Just when everyone had written my issue off God compelled him to come form England for an introduction that I had not even planned with him.
I never planned my introduction. Infact, he wasn't talking to me, would you believe that? But, it happened in May 17th or there about. He went and did it although I was not in attendance.

I thought my problems were over but then, I was wrong. I never saw my would be husband even if for one day all through when I was pregnant. He always gave one excuse or the other.
But as if it had become my way of life, I just kept on believing, hoping and having the faith that I would see light at the end of the tunnel.
Then, reports started coming that he was always ill and during the few times he would call or I call him he was always having bed rest or in pains. Finally, I found out when I was 8months that he had prostrate cancer and had to undergo an operation.

Even though he had wronged me and made me go through a lot, I refused to believe that report and petitioned God to give me testimonies. I didn't want my baby to be fatherless. Never that!
Finally, he underwent the operation and it was successful. 2 weeks later when he came back to Nigeria, I gave birth to a healthy boy and despite indications that I would deliver through CS, I delivered normally.

As if my miracle wasn't enough, Ogbe came, saw my baby and I, and asked for forgiveness. He wanted to do everything for us and kept apologising. Before I knew what was happening, 2 and half months after I gave birth, I was getting married without even lifting my finger.

I tell you when God wants to do something, He doesn't do it in half measures but like I always keep repeating from the scripture as it represents my belief, ''He is able to do exceedingly and above that which we have asked of Him''
When it is over, that is when God begins His work and plan for you, if you can just hold on and believe.

Dear Anonymous Blogger, thank you for responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share this testimony. God loves it when we keep our promises, and I know you will have many more testimonies to come. I am thankful that you did not abort this great man you have brought to this world. I pray someone is blessed by your testimony. In everything, there is room to give thanks to God. Love you...

Monday, June 25, 2012

His Different Facets All Have Names

On getting married to Mr. Rita, 2 facets of him I was sure of was he was my friend and he was my husband. But in the course of the marriage, he has been my provider, my plumber, my mechanic, and more often than not, my motivator. Whenever a need arises, I know the “part” of him I expect to see. For instance, if my tire gets flat, I do not expect his plumbing skills or motivating skills to come to play. I expect Mr. Rita the mechanic to show up. I can expect because I know. And should a new issue come up, say the need to hang pictures on the wall, I can only hope that I see a carpentry side of him come to play.
Similarly in our relationship with God, He reveals to us His many facets. I can attest to God being my Jehovah Jireh who provided for me when I had nothing. When I have had the need for healing, He has shown up as the Lord who heals.  When I have tried to hide from His presence, because of my sin or feeling inadequate to call out to Him in times of distress, He has found me and still blessed me. I know He is El-Roi – The God who sees. Yes, He is El Shaddai, God Almighty, but He does have different facets, and I long to see more of Him.
His voice calls out to His children today, “Call to me and I will answer you. I'll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own” [Jeremiah 33:3, MSG].
Do you have questions that need answers? Have you been calling on Him? Do you desire to know more of Him?
How else will you call to Him except by His name? Imagine not knowing the name of someone you call a friend or a father. You will probably call him by “Hey!” or “Ssssss!” Knowing one’s name is the first step to building a relationship. Consider how you feel when someone who just met you for the first time calls you by name. You feel “known”. I can only imagine that God wants us to know Him by name too.
As you start this week, call to Him. Call Him by name. I am sure He has shown a facet of Himself to you before. Has He once been your provider, your healer, your peace, or your victory and you long to see that facet of Him again? He can be those to you, and even much more. Do you desire to see Him as the supreme God, your Shepherd or your righteousness? There is no end to His different facets.
Call to Him, and He will answer you. He will tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.  He is Jehovah Shammah – The Lord who is always there [for you].
Have a blessed week ahead.
For names of God and their meaning, please visit HERE.
Some boast in chariots & some in horses, but we will boast in the Name of Jehovah, our God [Psalm 20:7].

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy At Night

I can recall that while I waited on God for my job [you can read about it here], those months seemed so long and I felt I was passing through a "night" in my life. The uncertainty and the delay was really worrisome. Yet I was comforted. The Word of God says, "...All that night the LORD drove the sea back...[Exodus 14:21, NIV]". This word referred to the night before the great miracle of the parting of the Red Sea. The scripture confirmed that God neither sleeps nor slumbers [Psalm 121:4]. The real work of God for the children of Israel did not happen when they awoke that morning to find they could cross the Red Sea, but it happened “ALL that night.” i.e. throughout the night. Similarly, it was when I received the letter for my job that I realized God had been working behind the scenes, all through my "night", to give me a miracle.
You may be at a point in your life that seems like night or darkness. You may wonder, "what is going on?" or "when will this night be over?" I just want to drop a word for you today to reassure you that there is a great work going on in your life though it seems the night prevails. You may not see the evidence yet, but God is at work. God was just as much at work “all that night” as He was the next day, when the Israelites finally saw the evidence. The next day simply revealed what God had done during the night. Your "day" will come, and you will see evidence of the work God has been doing during your night. You will see His miracle in such a manner that no one else can take the glory. Wait expectantly on Him because the night will surely give way to the day.
Remain blessed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Children Teach - All About Fathers

Happy Father’s day to all fathers, fathers-to-be, and all father figures in peoples’ lives. What will the world be without fathers?
I am one of the teachers who teach the 8-9 year olds in church. Today’s lesson was about the loving father, taken from the story of the prodigal son [Luke 15:11-32]. The children brought a lot of insight into this bible story, as well as their perception of fathers, which I could not help but share.
Let’s start with what the children had to say about why they love their fathers…fathers, here is your checklist! 
1.       He treats me like an angel
2.       He is kind
3.       He supports me
4.       He disciplines me when I do wrong
5.       He never breaks his promise
6.       He is generous (he buys me toys and things I ask for) :-)
7.       He helps me with tasks and assignments
8.       He thinks about me all the time
9.       He loves me soooooo much
10.   He makes me know what God is like
What was amazing to me was realizing how much the children appreciated being corrected by their fathers, how they look to their fathers to keep promises, and how their fathers are reflections of who God is. Amazing!
After reading the story of the prodigal son, the children were asked to say what they really liked about the father in the story, and how the father was like their own father. Here goes…
1.       The father explained his actions to the elder brother (the young girl who said this mentioned that she appreciates it when her father explains to her some decisions he is taking)
2.       The father was always expecting his son (the girl that said this enlightened us to the fact that the father sighted his son afar off and ran to meet him, and she loves it when her father runs to her, embraces her and carries her like she is an angel)
3.       The father was always thinking about his son (the boy that said this explained that even when he is not around, he is sure his father always has him in mind)
4.       The father considered the lost son of great worth, not like a hired servant (the boy that said this explained that our fathers always see us as precious children, despite our mistakes)
What was profound to me was a realization when Aunty Chidinma (who was teaching the class) explained that we have an inheritance with Jesus. Immediately my eyes went to verses 28-32 “The older brother became angry and refused to go in. So his father went out and pleaded with him. But he answered his father, ‘Look! All these years I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders. Yet you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends. But when this son of yours who has squandered your property with prostitutes comes home, you kill the fattened calf for him!’  ‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’”
Maybe my understanding is not correct, but I deduced that Jesus is the older son in whom we are co-heirs [Romans 8:16-17a]. He is the one who is always with God our father, and owns everything that God has, while we are the children that were lost, and when found, not only does our Father celebrate and rejoice over us, He allows us partake of the inheritance that belongs to “elder brother Jesus”! Selah.

I am thankful for the lessons from the children, and how even we the teachers get to learn more about God through what we do and the children we communicate with.
Have a very blessed week ahead.

UPDATE:- I got this explanation to the verses (Luke 15:28-32) from David C Brown and I decided to share...

The elder son became angry and refused to go in - he was someone refusing the blessing because he thought he was righteous. The younger one realised his need. But the father is still pleading - and God is still pleading for even those who are self-righteous to come in.