Monday, November 26, 2012

When Shoes Don’t Fit

There are certain situations I have passed through where I found myself asking questions like “God, why me?” and “God, why did you let this happen?” The most frustrating part was I did not need to look far to see someone who had what I desired, making me feel that God was being unfair to me. Quite recently I have learnt to stop wallowing in self-pity after I had the experience with shoes.
My 20-month old daughter loves shoes. Of interest to her are my shoes, or anything with heels. One day, my daughter wore my shoes and tried to walk. It was not an easy journey for her. She could not walk at her normal pace, nor could she do the things she would ordinarily have done with her shoes on. My shoes appeared more appealing, and indeed they were very comfortable for me, but when she wore them, it was so clear that it was not meant for her.
Then it dawned on me.
Many a times, we may find ourselves in a situation where we lament and complain, and wish our situation was like someone else’s. Not knowing that if, perhaps, we find ourselves in the true picture of what they are going through, we may not be able to cope.
You may think your situation is the worst until you actually know what the “other” person is going through. But really, you don’t need to know.
This post is just a call to gratitude. To say “Thank You” to God, who in His grace, mercy, and sovereignty, has allowed you to be in the shoes you are in. Maybe it could have been worse. Maybe you would have struggled if you were in the shoes of that person whose shoes you wish to be in. With God, no situation is hopeless. With Him, things can only get better.
Thanks be to God who will not give us more than we can bear, who is always with us, and knows how to make every situation work together for our good. He is faithful and more than able to turn around anyone’s “captivity”. The when and how all depends on Him. That is why we need to trust and have faith in Him.
Have a blessed and fruitful week ahead. It is well with you and yours.