Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Morning Does Come Now Available in Nigeria

Morning Does Come - A brief review:
This beautifully written novel tells the story of Kaine, a young woman whom we have all met: a promising ray of hope born amidst less than fortunate circumstances.
Her journey of faith and self-actualization through life's travails will move you. It reminds us of personal encounters with divine providence, and how indeed through it all, morning does come.

Rita Okoroafor has been blessed with the gift of inspiring faith through prose. Her stories reach the depths of human existence in a simple and unembellished way. The characters she creates are as real as the readers themselves and her message inspires reflection on God's message of love and hope. A gem has surely made her entrance into the Christian literary world.

~ Adetola A.

Morning Does Come, is now available in Nigeria. If you wish to get an autographed copy (within Lagos and Port Harcourt), please drop me a message on Facebook or using the email esurunma@gmail.com, and we can discuss further.

For more details of the book and how you can get a copy, please visit the link here.
For more details of my first novel "Against the Perfect Will", please visit this link here.

Remain blessed.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some Truths About Marriage

Just to share an excerpt of a book in progress...

1.  Marriage does not drive away loneliness: It is shocking to realize that though marriage is meant to provide companionship, there can still be times when you feel lonely in marriage. There will always be a vacuum that your spouse cannot fill, and that nothing else can really fill. There is always a space left for God (and the things He will need you to do) to fill...  
2. Marriage is not the solution to sexual promiscuity, sexual addictions, or lust: If these issues are not properly dealt with before marriage, chances are they may rear their heads during the course of the marriage.
3. There will be conflict in marriage even if you are married to “Mr. Right”: What makes the difference between the good and the bad and results in a happy, successful marriage is how conflict is managed.
4. Marriage may come with some trials and temptations: Prayer and the fear of God will help in such times. God will not give you more than you can bear, and you can overcome any trial or temptation that comes your way by His grace.
5. Marriage has a way of molding us into the image of God if we allow it: In being married to someone with a different personality, a different background, and differing experiences and expectations, you may find yourself learning new things, becoming less self-centered, and being refined... 

Excerpt from Chapter 1: #Preparingforyourking

What are your thoughts on the points above? True? Not true? Something else to add?

Remain Blessed.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Time to do exploits

As I discussed with the hotel manager concerning business in the hotel, she confessed that things had changed recently. She could not explain the sudden drop in customers or why it seemed clients no longer used the conference rooms in her hotel. She wondered if competition was doing something differently. I left her speculating.

I could only assume. The ripple effect. The oil price dipped. Budgets were revised. Many were out of jobs. Cost cutting/reduction became the order of the day. Nice-to-haves were shelved aside. Frivolities were suspended. It started with the oil industry but pervaded through some other parts of the economy. People and businesses were affected directly or indirectly.

There are homes where husbands and wives found themselves out of jobs. There are some where the breadwinner or supporters were affected. There are those who were hoping to get lucrative jobs once they finished school, only to be hit with the news that there is a freeze on recruitment for the time being. There are so many scenarios of the ripple effect.

But should one lose hope?

This post is for you who might be in despair. Your dreams will not crumble. Your life will not be shattered. The macro and micro "things" may happen...

...but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits [Daniel 11:32, AKJV].

The Lord foreknew these things, and He knows there is a way out. He is the God able to sustain you one day at a time. He is the one who is able to open your eyes to see new opportunities. He is the one who is able to restore you even to positions better than the former.

It is time for you to do great exploits, much more that you ever thought you could do. As you get to know Him more and more, attune your ears to His voice and align your heart with His, He will direct your steps. 

Remain Blessed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Sojourn

I had not seen Mr. Rita in 4 months. And he had not laid eyes on our September Gift. December 2013 I carried my children and my boxes, said goodbye to my loved ones in Nigeria, and I was off to Pau, France.
I arrived at a city where it was imperative to know how to speak French to survive. The A I had in Junior WAEC French was not sufficient in the face of reality. That was not even my challenge. Nanny! By the time I learnt that there was nothing like live-in nanny, and I had to pay 18 euros per hour for nanny, I had to calibrate myself. But God ever so good made the settling in smooth, provided me with help just right on time, and gave me the best vacation thus far.

I am grateful for the time in Pau, even though there was no chance to even post "hi" on the blog. DIY place.
I am grateful for the lives that impacted me in Pau. My dear Pau sisters, I hope you get to read this post and realize how much you mean to me. Oh how I miss "my children" who gave me joy every time we were together. Gros Bisous.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be taken out of my myopic world, to see different cultures and learn not to judge.
I am grateful for the serenity that made me reflect on what I really want out of life.
And I am grateful for the lesson I learnt - there may be a language barrier, but a smile, a hug, a tear, "woof woof", "meow", and laughter do not need translation: they are universal and understood by everyone.
And if you love someone, there are so many other ways to express it other than speaking.

Glad to be back home though.